Enjoy the jura hills

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spend the autumn days on the heights and in the woods...

....when you open your window early in the morning a rich concert of bird's voices remind you that you are, albeit in the center of a small town, surrounded by nature. Just walk up any of the two hills, walk through the large plain to the Col des Roches - not missing the quarry across the street to the right where the chamois give you a lesson for really elegant hiking.

Or take the bus to the vallée of la Brévine, or to Les Planchettes (bus leaving in La Chaux-de-Fonds), or.....don't plan, just walk with a bottle of tea and observe. It's difficult to get lost, but easy to pass an adventurous day.

Generous and individual

The Guesthouse has big rooms averaging 35m2 and two apartments (85m2/160m2). The exceptional residential qualities allow you to feel well during short and long stays.

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